Fish… Leather?…really?

Good news! our first grant application for Land & Sea was successful — a big thank you to the City of Vancouver for funding the first stage of this project, which will allow Kamala Todd, Tracy Williams, Lori Snyder, Kelty Jean McKerracher, Sharon and me to explore working with nettle fibre and fish leather.

And many of you are thinking: “…fish…. leather? …. (ew)”

A fellow that I worked with a long time ago had a fish leather wallet and he raved about its durability. Sharon’s friend Peter Ananin from Scotland has a fish leather tannery as a social enterprise. Tracy Williams says that in the old days, people would make shoes out of fish leather and coat the soles in sand and pitch — and a friend of Sharon’s sent us a photo of a pair of traditional fish-leather snow boots she saw at a museum in Japan.