Hide Tanning Starter Kit


This tool-kit has all the essentials you need to get started hide tanning!

Scraper: for fleshing and wet scraping all hides in the first steps to prep for tanning.  Fits nicely in the hand and its stainless steel blade resists rust and keeps its edge.  Custom design by Mara; hand-made by Nathan at Zilka Forgewerks.

Apron: for many stages of tanning, an absolute essential.  This ankle-length apron is waterproof and durable.

Awl: for framing hides to prepare for softening. This graduated awl is perfect for any size hide and fits in the palm of the hand.

Pumice: for a finishing touch to buckskins and sheepskins to add sheen and polished look. Wildcrafted with permission on Lil’wat and Shasta Nations territories.

Cost: $125

Shipping: $30 within Canada; $55 to USA.

All prices in CAD.

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