Prairie : Sheepskin rug


A Romney sheepskin rug tanned in the Bark Tanning method.  Romneys are beautiful, classic fibre sheep whose fleece is used for pinning.  It is an incredible honour to work with these creatures and honour them through hide tanning.  This sheep is from a family farm in rural Montana, Blackfoot Nation territory.

The rug is mainly for indoor and outdoor use.  It was tanned in the original leather-tanning style so it is resilient and durable.  It can be be machine washed or hand-washed.  The leather is a soft mottled red and the fleece is 3″ long.

Sheepskin leather rugs make wonderful floor pads, baby blankets, pet bed, camping bed, picnic mat, or throw for your favourite chair to cozy up while you work .

Maintenance and care instructions are provided with every purchase.

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