Private Mentorship


This detailed, in-person mentoring is for individuals or group up to 3 people, who want to learn hide tanning in a close setting.


This option was born from the need of many hunters across BC to “get to” those freezers full of hides – it ‘s easy to let hide tanning slip away on the back burner of the to-do list when animals are hunted or harvested.  Whether you have hides of your own or want to learn more from hides I provide, this is a thorough educational setting to explore the craft.

Private Mentorships are for anyone including, but not limited to:

  • Farmers
  • Hunters and trappers
  • Museum curators and natural historians
  • Beginner hide tanners

In this setting, you travel to my studio or I travel to you, and we set up shop for as many days as you’d like (typically, 3 days +).  When two or three people choose this option together, the daily teaching rate remains the same and allows for discounted mentoring.

A major advantage of this option is that we can combine different hide tanning methods (smoke-tanning, bark-tanning, and mineral-tanning) and multiple animal hides (anyone from deer to fish to bear, or all of the above).

Typically, I work on my own hide tanning projects while getting you started on yours, and provide assistance along the way.  Expect there to be a full rotation of hides worked at different stages of the tanning process, for a more full view of what hide tanning en masse looks like.

To register: a deposit of  $250 deposit can be made here, through this link.


Daily teaching fee


Materials cost

$50+, depending on numbers of hides

Travel expenses

$50+, if I travel to you


If I travel to you, accommodations are provided or reimbursed.

Once a deposit is made, we decide on dates and parse out the details of  number of hides, what types of tanning method, etc.  You may also sort these details in advance by emailing