Slate : sheepskin rug


A Dorest-Arcott sheepskin rug tanned in the Mineral Tanned method.  This sheepskin is from a small family farm on Vancouver Island, WSANEC Nation territory.  It has an outer grey coat and an inner white coat, with grey sides and a white centre.  I named it Slate for this beautiful and unique colouration, and I tanned it near slate valleys on the Sunshine Coast.

The rug is mainly for indoor use and is a super soft white-yellow leather, with 5-6″ long soft wool.  This is an amazingly luxurious rug and one of the largest sizes they come in, measuring over 3ft long.  To preserve the woolly curls of this rug, i did not brush it with a fine-tooth comb; it may therefore have some small remaining pieces of seeds, etc. in the wool.  This comes with the territory of natural sheepskins; if you prefer a finely-combed rug, go with an Icelandic.

Sheepskin rugs make wonderful floor pads, baby blankets, pet bed, or throw for your favourite chair to cozy up while you work.

Maintenance and care instructions are provided with every purchase.

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