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Herbal Medicine for Immune Support

This is a guide to keeping well and staying healthy, with the help of herbal allies and personal rhythms.  In this time of COVID-19 spread, it is ever more vital to practice embodied relationship to our own well-being.

It is downloadable as a .PDF file for free or by donation: choose your price at checkout, based on your needs in the current moment.   Feel free to share widely!

This guide is for us to use in times of wellness as preventive care – not during illness – to keep our immune health strong and to deepen our connection to our bodies and the more-than-human world.

Hide Scraper


These tools are hand-forged by Zilka Forgewerks, an artisan blacksmith based in Portland. Use these for fleshing, graining, and membraning hides.  Stainless steel and designed for easy maintenance, they have a bevelled edge on each side for comfortable handling.

To order: buy here and you will receive a confirmation email to ask if you are getting shipping or will pick up.  Pick-up is in Aldergrove, BC.  Shipping is $20 CAD extra within Canada.

Framing a hide for smoketanning

Hide Tanning as Medicine: Part 1, Intro to Hide Tanning

This video session will be an introduction to hide tanning. We will open with the history and cultural relevance of this ancient craft and move into natural methodologies and DIY projects.  The final 30 min is a Q and A section for beginner tanners to begin troubleshooting their own projects.
This video will be recorded for watching later and it comes with access to class notes on each methodology.  Our video platform is Zoom.  Upon registration, you will be sent a confirmation and a Zoom link reminder will be sent out the day of the session.
This session will be recorded, so no need to attend live if you can’t make it!
Sunday, May 17 at 4:00pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).
The sliding scale cost is $0-$60. Indigenous people are welcome to participate for free.  At checkout, you will “name your price” and then you’re good to go.
See below for notes on interpreting a sliding scale for your own needs.

Hide Tanning Starter Kit


This tool-kit has all the essentials you need to get started hide tanning!

Scraper: for fleshing and wet scraping all hides in the first steps to prep for tanning.  Fits nicely in the hand and its stainless steel blade resists rust and keeps its edge.  Custom design by Mara; hand-made by Nathan at Zilka Forgewerks.

Apron: for many stages of tanning, an absolute essential.  This ankle-length apron is waterproof and durable.

Awl: for framing hides to prepare for softening. This graduated awl is perfect for any size hide and fits in the palm of the hand.

Pumice: for a finishing touch to buckskins and sheepskins to add sheen and polished look. Wildcrafted with permission on Lil’wat and Shasta Nations territories.

Cost: $125

Shipping: $30 within Canada; $55 to USA.

All prices in CAD.

Lara in the garden

Limina Virtual Series: Planctestors & Ancestors, July 13, 2020

Join lara pacheco of Seed and Thistle Apothecary and Atabey Medicine as we work with a few plant allies that play unique roles in guiding our connections to our well intended ancestors.

Our time together will weave in plant meditations, and sharing of our experiences as we navigate tapping into these relationships during these challenging times. Colonization has not only removed us from a connected relationship to the land, but also from ancestral connection and honoring traditions.

This workshop will be a gentle introduction to creating ritual and connection.


See below for details on registration and the video platform.

Virtual Hide Tanning Consultation

To help support my community during social distancing of COVID-19, I am offering virtual hide tanning consultation at a pay-what-you-can basis.  Simply choose your price at checkout. 

A Virtual Hide Tanning Consultations is a 1:1 conversation on everything you are wondering about hide tanning. Whether you’re jumping into a new skill on your own or need help troubleshooting a pesky problem, the floor is yours to ask questions and delve deep into the craft with me.

Sessions are 75 minutes long via a phone call or Zoom video.  Sit back, sip some tea, and let’s talk hide tanning.

Each session comes with a package of class notes on the four fundamentals of natural tanning (barktanning, smoketanning, fur-on, and mineral tanning) as well as an invitation to a Crowsnest Wildcraft alumni Facebook group, for continued community support.