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Smoke-tanned Buckskin Workshop

June 29-July 1 2019: Smoketanned Buckskin Making


10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Laurica Farm, 25775 12 Avenue, Langley, British Columbia V4W 2J7

This workshop is a collaboration with EatWild!  Check out their incredible array of adventures and learning expeditions at  Tickets on sale now.

This 3-day buckskin workshop is on the classical method of smoke-tanning (brain-tanning), the world’s oldest and most widespread hide tanning technique.

The alchemical combination of fat and smoke – with some hard work – transform deer skins into soft, wearable material.  Participants start with a soaked hide ready for scraping and walk away with a velvety buckskin of their own creation.

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