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Online Hide Tanning Consultation


An Online Hide Tanning Consultations is a 1:1 conversation on everything you are wondering about hide tanning.

Sessions are 75-90 minutes long via a phone call or Zoom video.  Sit back, sip some tea, and let’s talk hide tanning.

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Framing a hide for smoketanning

Video download: Hide Tanning Storylines, Part 1

This video download is an introduction to hide tanning, with an overview of history, natural methodologies, and cultural relevance of this ancient craft.  Mara covers the deep time roots of tanning’s ancient origins and weaves a  narrative of co-evolution by people, plant, and animal through the ages and into contemporary cultural and colonial contexts.
Smoke-tanning (brain-tanning), mineral tanning, and bark tanning are all covered, with examples of hand-tanned products for all.  Downloading this course comes with free class notes to each method for re-creation of DIY home tanning projects.
The sliding scale cost is $0-$60. Indigenous people are welcome to download for free.  At checkout, you will “name your price” and then you’ll receive a Google Drive link to the video.
See below for notes on interpreting a sliding scale for your own needs.

Private Class: Drum-making with Carman McKay


Join Carman Mckay, Matsqui and Musqueam drum maker and teacher, as he walks learners through an experiential workshop on drum making.

Drumming and singing are two ancient arts that go hand-in-hand.  They are deeply tied to community and to creating intergenerational place-based connection and life skills, worldwide.  The impacts of colonialism have disrupted many drum making traditions, and with them the life wisdom contained within.  Rekindling the songs and drum beats also rekindles community and the life skills needed for decolonization.


Private Mentorship

This detailed, in-person mentoring is for individuals or group up to 3 people, who want to learn hide tanning in a close setting.

Online Hide Tanning Mentorship

An Online Hide Tanning Mentorship is 1:1 extended instruction to help guide you through a hide tanning project.

A series of Zoom calls in the morning before each work day.  We tailour the mentorship to your needs as you get walked + cheerleaded through the process.

See details below.

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